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Possibly pregnant?

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According to the app I’m like 3 weeks and two days. Today I had a faint positive, going to test again in a few days since my period is supposed to come at the end of the month. Have y’all had this happen before? Was it a single baby? Twins? Give me all the details 😜😊

I would show a picture but I don’t know how to add one 😶

Re: Possibly pregnant?

  • Please don’t post a pic, it’s only allowed on the thread above dedicated to positive test pics. 

    I’m sorry, are you asking if anyone has been pregnant before and if so how many kids? Kind of a weird question. 

    Sounds like you got an early positive because you tested early. Not at all unheard of around these parts. Congrats on your pregnancy. You can certainly retest but a line is a line. 
  • I also don’t understand what you’re looking for. I’ve had 4 early positive tests and I have 3 children (2+1 due any day) so you can do the math there. 

    As pp said, please don’t post a picture of your used pee stick here. It’s against TOU. A line is a line, congratulations. 
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  • Yes I got an early positive and I had one baby. Doesn’t mean anything. 
  • Okay so I made that post half asleep, but yes I was asking if anyone took it early (like I mentioned I would only be like 3w3d and i keep getting faint lines lol. Thanks y’all! Sorry for the confusion there 🥲
  • So I’ve been getting faint positive tests like 3-4 already and from my period and everything I would be 4w3d today and I took another one today just for my sanity (didn’t help) and it was negative so I’m just so incredibly confused and looking for some advice or if anyone has had that happen before and what did it mean? I do have a confirmation test at a doctors office soon but still going crazy right now!
  • knottie96b1290df2c4f6e6 If the test today was different kind, it could be less sensitive or a dud. It also could be that you had a chemical pregnancy, which is a very early miscarriage, in which case I am very sorry. 
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