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Progesterone supplement at 7.5 weeks

Hi everyone, I’m new here but looking for some input. I went for bloodwork and ultrasound around 6 weeks. My HCG was over 9,000 and my progesterone was at 12. There was a heartbeat of 121 on the ultrasound. I went for a follow up at 7 and a half weeks yesterday and my progesterone is at 13.3…just to be safe my doctor wants to put me on prometrium to help boost my progesterone until 12 weeks when the placenta takes over. I’m just a little nervous as to why she wants to put me on that. Of course I’m also worrying about a “missed miscarriage” since I discovered that it was a thing. I asked for another ultrasound because I get random back pain but she denied me at this time saying “insurance might not cover another” or something along those lines…I just wanted it for some peace of mind since I won’t be getting another ultrasound until about 11-12 weeks. Has anyone needed the progesterone supplement? Not sure what to think…..and of course I am overthinking because of a miscarriage I had back in February. Thanks!

Re: Progesterone supplement at 7.5 weeks

  • What’s the work of progesterone
  • My doctor put me on it and I had to use it twice a day. I had three miscarriages in the past. I’m headed to my second trimester now. Go ahead and take them. I don’t see any harm.,
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  • Progesterone might mask a miscarriage for a little while but with your numbers that low it's a lot more likely to prevent one, I think. For reference I am on progesterone and my numbers are more like 50-60. I lost my last baby to low progesterone and I would hate for that to happen to you. :( 
  • Hi. I'm no stranger to miscarriages. I'd say take it. Yes, it's to aid in not having a miscarriage. I was on the vaginally inserts 2xs a day before. I must say those are much better than the progesterone in oil injections I take now daily until I hit 12 weeks. Let's just say 5 weeks can't come soon enough.  I do have a few boxes of it left that I believe don't expire until next year. If you'd like I don't mind shipping them to you. I'd rather someone use them then they go to waste. Let me know. 
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