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Stretch mark prevention

I have been using all natural stretch mark oil twice a day since early 1st trimester but they’re already coming in around my lower abdomen and hips! 

I read about the Mama Natural’s suggestion to take collagen or gelatin to help with skin flexibility and avoid stretch marks but my doctor won’t approve it! So now I’m nervous despite seeing plenty online that says pure grass-fed collagen is fine. Ugh. 

Any suggestions? I am (yes sure out of vanity) very worried about stretch marks. 

Re: Stretch mark prevention

  • I started using a cream last week— prob should have started earlier! But also been trying to include collagen in my diet naturally— bone broth is great for that! 
  • My OB had no issues with collagen, so I’ve been taking it daily as I’ve done for years. Pretty sure that stretch marks are something you’re either genetically susceptible to or not, so collagen supplementation may just be a placebo effect (meaning, don’t panic about not taking collagen if your doctor is not willing to approve it). Either way, bone broth is a tasty thing to enjoy daily (especially as we get closer to cold weather in January) if you’re open to that route!
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