1st Trimester

Stomach pain

Hello. I am 8 weeks pregnant and am experiencing stomach issue. Since last night I have felt really bloated and feels like there is gas stuck. I have taken gas x but that has not helped. It is a constant feeling and I don’t know how to relieve it. Any suggestions?

Re: Stomach pain

  • When I was super bloated (last week, actually, when I was 8 weeks) I googled ideas on how to relieve it. One site suggested happy baby and child's pose yoga poses. I found that they both worked, especially if I wiggled around a bit while doing them. Also drinking a ton of water seems to ease the bloat a bit. Good luck!
  • Gas pain is very common during the early and late stages of pregnancy. A person may also experience bloating and stomach or intestinal cramps. One possible reason for bloating during pregnancy is hormonal fluctuation. Pregnancy hormones relax the womb, and the digestive muscles also relax digestion. This can lead to constipation, a challenge for pregnant women, and constipation can reason a person to feel bloated.
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