3rd Trimester

SWELLING like Woah!!!!!!! 😮

Hi! Does anyone has any tips for crazy swelling? I’m currently 35 weeks and my legs, hands, face and feet swell so much, I can’t grab things with my hands, can’t bend my legs… and it all happens within minutes of waking up. I drink lots of water, keep my feet up, wear compression socks, and use compression boots.

The hand swelling is crazy. I can barely hold my phone and can’t hold a spoon to eat. I eat like a toddler now who can’t use their pincer reflex’s, It’s just wild. Went to labor and delivery yesterday and they said it’s all Normal 😮 I’ve gone from athletic, active, able body person, to now a bedridden blob that getting in and out of bed is my big exercise for the day. 😭

Re: SWELLING like Woah!!!!!!! 😮

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    I’m 35 weeks and also was told 2 days ago that my swelling is normal. You’re not alone.  We got this!
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    Some swelling is normal but what you’re describing sounds excessive. I would bring it up to your doctor again. 
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    Contact your doctor! Excessive swelling is not good! 
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    Hi! I’m in the same boat - the only thing that has helped is walking and yoga. Gotta move the leg muscles to pump the blood back up! I now build in 20 min walks before work, during lunchtime and after work. I’m still swollen but it definitely helps. Also - prenatal massage where they focus on circulation in your legs/ankles/feet!
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    Just thought I’d give everyone a heads up, thanks for responding!!!! When something doesn’t feel normal you have to be your OWN advocate and be persistent even if you feel crazy. Labor and delivery misdiagnosed me and come to find out, I have excessive amniotic fluid and needs for it to be drained from my uterus. The symptoms are: 
    • Difficulty breathing
    • Swelling in the lower extremities
    • Swelling of the vulva
    • Decreased urine production
    • Constipation
    • Heartburn
    • Feeling huge or tightness in the belly
    When I mentioned my difficultly breathing at L&D, the immediately just wanted to say it was Covid and go to the ER. 🫤 But I kept saying, I’m not sick I also have a breeched baby that’s head is hanging out on my lungs lol. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Thankfully I saw my doctor for my two a week monitoring and he was like, your fluid is way too high and we need to address it. I cried in relief that I wasn’t going crazy and something wasn’t right. I got two shots in two days and now going to get the fluid removed tomorrow. After the first shot I finally was able to use my hands again! I could cry. Legs are still bad, but they say I’ll experience more relief after the procedure tomorrow. When something doesn’t feel right, you have to keep pushing for answers. I was told three times it’s all normal and it’s wasn’t. It all felt weird when nothing would remedy my swelling, I gained 20lbs in three days, and I could no longer use my legs or hands. Trust your gut ladies! 
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