New Girl (loss and children mentioned)

I am need advice and some encouragement.

I have a long ob history. I have been pregnant 5 times and have 2 living children. 2 pregnancies ended in late 2nd trimester losses. I am sure you can all imagine the hesitancy I have entering another pregnancy. After my son was born 2.5 years ago I thought that I emotionally couldn't be pregnant again and had my tubes tied. I had infertility issues with all of my pregnancies but never needed IVF. Just meds and IUIs.

Well here we are. My partner and I don't feel done. But now with my fertility history and tubes being tied IVF is our only option.

I am older. I am 35 and all of my levels are borderline. 10 antral follicles, FSH is 11 on day 3, AMH is .67. 

I am trying to decide if we do two retrievals back to back or just do one and hope for the best. We will absolutely be doing PGT on any embryos due to my age and history. 

My retrieval would be in october. November will either ne second retrieval or FET. I would love to know any resources or advice you have as we enter the IVF world. 

I feel so nervous. I have the fear of another loss compounded by the fact that I am older and none of this may even work. But even with all those fears, I still want to try.

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Re: New Girl (loss and children mentioned)

  • Sorry about the your losses and the long journey.

    You do not have to decide now. See what first cycle brings you. If you get 3-4 PGT normal, go for FET. If you get only 1-2 and can afford another cycle, go for it.
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