Not sure I can handle this wait…

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Hi there! A little bit about me… I’ve been with my husband for 13 years and we stopped contraception not long after we met, as I was 29 and desperate for a family. After 2 and a half years of TTC we went to the doctor. He was adamant it was me that needed further investigations. So, a few years later and MANY tests later we found a doctor who realised that our original doctor had make a huge mistake and had read my DH’s sperm count as 4.3 million when actually it read 435,778. How he made that mistake is beyond me. We got a written apology and that was it. By this point we had a beautiful foster boy… we had him from 4 until he was 10… then his mother got him back (one of the worst times of our life and we miss him every day but we just hope he’s happy and she’s doing the best she can for him). Add time in for extreme emotions after test results, losing our foster child… then Covid hit… then my husband lost two jobs and we moved three times. This takes me to April this year. Finally a chance to get going with IVF. I’m 41. The doctor we found was great. We worked out a plan and started the meds. A trip to London for egg and sperm collection. They got 17 eggs. 9 worked with the sperm, and by day 5 we had 3 good embryos… a 4AB and 2 x 3BB. We put one embryo in and froze two. On day 11 (I think) I tested positive and then continued to have good HCG levels and my progesterone levels were great. On Day 14 after the embryo transfer I started to bleed. Light pink and tiny clots. Lots of cramping too. This is STILL happening… that’s 10 days of continuous bleeding and cramps. And I’m 23 days after embryo transfer. My doctor says I’ve to continue doing my progesterone injections and wait another 9 days for a scan. It’s going to be a long 9 days. Has this happened to anyone? I’m preparing for the worst but, of course, hoping for the best. It’s just been a lot of blood and a huge worry. Thank you in advance if anyone has any info. ❤️

Re: Not sure I can handle this wait…

  • Sorry, I do not post but I wanted to respond to your post. please excuse me if say something you do not agree with.
    Many times bleeding can have no impact on pregnancy. HCG numbers and estrogen, progesterone levels are only indicators until gestational sac is big enough to see on scan. You can request for HCG blood test before scan if you cannot wait until scan.
    Wish you the best - stay strong and keep taking the meds your doc prescribed.  Wait is hard, take one day at a time and like you said hope for best, prepare for worst.
  • Thank you. Yes, taking one day at a time.
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