1st Trimester

1st Trimester Headaches, insomnia and Congestion

I’m in my First trimester. I have frequent headaches & scalp tenderness (feel more like migraines, insomnia from hell (taking me 2-3 hrs to fall asleep & severely congested. I know they are usually normal. But has anyone else been experiencing or has experienced this? I also feel like I have restless legs suddenly 

Re: 1st Trimester Headaches, insomnia and Congestion

  • Hi, I'm 9w and this is my first pregnancy that has made it past 5 weeks. I always wake up feeling hungover. Headache, groggy, a little nausea, and so tired. And I'm also congested every morning. All except the fatigue usually disappear by mid to late morning. I don't exactly have insomnia but I have been waking up super early, like 4-5am, which is very unusual for me. It takes me a while to fall back to sleep and then I wake up again around 9. I'm so thankful to be off work for most of my first trimester (I'm a teacher). 
  • This makes me feel better. I was getting concerned and have every intention of bringing up my concerns at my next appointment but really wanted to hear from others on their experience thus far. Thank you for sharing. 
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  • For the restless legs syndrome, talk to your doctor about increasing your iron! Your body needs more of it now and low iron can cause RLS. (My own experience with a sleep doctor)

    The insomnia and migraines have been killing me too 😫 just like skibunnie, waking up super early with a stuffed nose - ugh! My partner keeps asking me if something is wrong because he hears me sniffing all the time lol
  • I’ve been taking a Benadryl at night to help me sleep. My insomnia is the same where it takes me hours to fall asleep. My OB said it is safe to do that. Also I’ve had restless legs my whole life and during pregnancy it’s SO much worse. A super hot shower that’s only on your legs helps a lot, a heating pad on your legs, massaging (if you can handle it) is also helpful. I noticed mine gets worse when I have a fan on or cold air touches my legs. Wearing pants to bed also makes it worse so you can wear just your undies, shorts or go camando lol. For the nights that all the above don’t help with I take these dissolvable tablets that are homeopathic and they work super fast. There is no taste so it doesn’t make me nauseous. It’s from the company Hyland’s and is called Restful Legs. My OB also said those are pregnancy safe. I hope this helps!
  • Hey, has anyone have been experiencing night sweats ?! I’m 11 weeks about to hit 12, and I’ve been experiencing night sweats, body soreness, and I gag so freaking much when I brush my teeth. 😫
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