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Baby shower dates!

So my daughter is due January 11th, anyone feel like they are struggling for a baby shower date? I feel that November and December are our busiest months with thanksgiving and Christmas. I’m not trying to put or make anyone feel like they are going to be in a financial bind with a baby shower in those 2 months. Please give me some thoughts or ideas! Thank you!

Re: Baby shower dates!

  • Ours is due January 10th, planning on having a shower mid-October
  • That’s what I was thinking! But I wanted to see if anyone else was thinking the same thing or had a different idea I could possibly use. I honestly wanted to do it a month before bc I know as soon as I have the baby shower I’m going to want to set everything up asap! Lol
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  • Due date Jan 3rd and we’re planning for baby shower October 23rd 😄
  • Due 1/24, but I work for a symphony plus holidays takes out most weekends for me. We’re aiming for Oct. 22. Which lends nicely to a cute Halloween theme 😅
  • I had a Jan due date last time as well and my one shower was Thanksgiving weekend with family and local friends, the other my MIL hosted early in Dec, neither felt close to Christmas to me, and both were fully attended. 
  • EDD Jan. 5, having an Open House Shower/Birthday Celebration on Nov. 19th so we can just get together with people and celebrate. 
  • Due Jan 23 and as I’m in Canada working towards a mid Nov baby shower with the nursery being painted the weekend before that so it’s ready for the gifts as I don’t want anything in the way. Wanted to make sure we stayed out of December as so many parties and Christmas. 
  • Due Jan 22nd and I have a cousin due 5 days after me. Same person planning both showers so we tried to spread our dates out. She is going with Oct 15th and we are shooting to have mine Dec 3rd in hopes that grandma's can try to stay a long Thanksgiving for the shower.
    This is my 2nd baby but unfortunately, COVID was huge when I had my 1st so we had to cancel that shower. I'm kinda excited to finally have one.😁
  • Due Jan 6th and thinking Nov 12th for a baby shower. We are in Canada so Thanksgiving is in October and Nov 11-13 is a long weekend for family who are out of town to join. I'll be 32 weeks and would prefer a bit earlier but I think it's a good compromise!
  • Due Jan. 18, shower will be Nov. 5. We have a few friends’ and cousins’ weddings scattered all over October and November, so we had to go with the one free weekend we had that wasn’t a holiday. Hopefully everyone can make it, but I’m keeping my expectations low. I live far from most of my family, so anyone who DOES make it will be a gift, themself, just by being there. ❤️
  • I wanted it on Halloween weekend but my family is planning and said no way 😒 so we’re doing the weekend before thanksgiving as there’s birthdays and other events happening all other weekends that month.
  • My due date is January 17th 
    Ive decided to have my shower November 12th 
    I thought about the holidays and all but then I remembered ppl making time for what they want. So whoever is meant to be there will be there, regardless of what time of the year it is.
  • @their_beauty4 YES!! Yes. That is the energy I am feeling right now, too. People will do what they want, and that means we’re empowered to do the same!
  • Exactly. Happy planning 😍
  • My son is due 1/27, I am having my baby shower 11/19!
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