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Nutramigen making reflux worse?

Hello everyone. I’m hoping someone can provide some insight about a formula that helped with reflux.  We’ve tried similac ar, but he was inconsolable, gassy and constipated while on it.  He is currently on nutramigen which has worked wonders for his digestive issues, but his reflux is worse than ever.  The doctor started him on famotidine yesterday, and now he’s projectile vomiting.  

Has this happened to anyone else? How long until the nutramigen and medicine worked until  the reflux calmed down? Did anyone notice a difference between the liquid and powder helping with reflux issues?  

We are at our wits end. With my first we used alimentum rtf, but of course that’s impossible to find right now. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.  

Re: Nutramigen making reflux worse?

  • Something like EleCare or Neocate may be another option to try. Are you working with a GI doctor and allergist yet? They'll be the best ones to help. I'd be concerned he has a severe allergy or maybe a condition such as FPIES. It's best to figure out ASAP what he's not tolerating so you can get him the nutrition he needs before you start seeing failure to thrive or dangerous dehydration. Did you ever try breast milk? If that works for him, you may be able to get a prescription to get some from a milk bank, assuming you're not producing yourself, of course.
  • My little is on Nutramigen and he hasn't had bad reflux like the other formulas he was on like with my breastmilk. We're going to a GI doctor. Try going to GI Specialist to see what they would recommend. 
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  • My little one just started on nutramegin and isn’t doing well so far. He has more spit up now than before! How long does it take for baby to take to it? I’m worried I made the wrong choice switching. I was told it was ease his fussiness and tummy pain by the doctor. 
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