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What to write in a baby shower card

Hi everyone! I'm wondering what was written in the nicest or most memorable cards you received at your shower? Was it personal, funny, or moving? Thanks in advance!

Re: What to write in a baby shower card

  • I didn’t get many “real” cards. i don’t think any were much more than “can’t wait to meet that baby!” Or “welcome to the parent club!” Tbh, I felt bad throwing away all the cards even if it was just signed so I’m glad none of them were sweet or memorable. Soooo much goes on around the shower then you’re prepping for the baby to arrive and holding on to what is more or less just junk gets in the way. 

    If you’re looking to write something super special to someone expecting, hold off and write them a letter about three months after the baby is born. Around shower time it will get lost in the shuffle. By then it will be appreciated. 
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