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What’s going on in there?!

I’m currently 16 weeks pregnant, 35 years old, FTM, planned pregnancy. 

From about 8 weeks to 12 weeks, I had pretty bad fatigue and nausea. Then I magically started feeling better, yay! I’ve had a clear NIPT and healthy nuchal ultrasound at 12 weeks, and heard the heartbeat at 14 weeks during a monthly check-in with my OB. 

I do have a bit of a bump and have gained a few pounds, but otherwise have no idea what’s going on inside my body since I have few symptoms and can’t feel any movement yet. Anyone else feel like that? 

I don’t have another appointment until the 20 week anatomy scan, so I’m just in limbo for the next 3-4 weeks hoping everything is progressing normally. 

I asked my OB if there was anything else we needed to test between 14 weeks and 20 weeks, but she said no. Can you request an amniocentesis even if your doctor doesn’t bring it up? Is it worth it? 

Definitely feeling a little anxiety because of all the unknowns. 

Re: What’s going on in there?!

  • Is there a reason you want an amniocentesis? It does increase the risk of miscarriage, so if you're just thinking about it to reduce your anxiety, I'd think a procedure that increases risk would actually increase anxiety.
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    Since I am older and the risk of issues is higher, it would be nice to know sooner rather than later if anything is not normal. More time to prepare mentally and otherwise. 
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  • Do you have an at home Doppler? 
    Once a week I like to use mine and check babies heartbeat 😌 eases my mind knowing she’s still growing and beating away since I’m in the same boat, little to no symptoms and no movement yet! 
    Not sure if this answers your question 
  • I'm 16 Weeks today and feel the same. I asked my doctor the same type of question and it's totally normal. It's a lot of faith in the early weeks of the second trimester but big things are happening. 
  • rtz123rtz123 member
    Thank you for the replies! Feeling a bit less alone on this. I’m going to look into getting a Doppler. 
  • My friend gave me a Doppler the other day and I couldn’t hear anything. Then yesterday I had an ultrasound and it was just fine. Just letting you know so you won’t be disappointed or worried if you can’t hear!
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    Same - I had actually forgotten how early symptoms disappear and it’s still hard to believe I’m pregnant in this early 2nd trimester. For FTM even moreso. 
    But believe me, once you and the baby grow more and you feel kicks, it’ll be more reassuring. That usually happens around week 20, give or take. 
    I haven’t gotten the Doppler yet either, and seriously contemplating it.
    I do have a 16 week appt next week (I’m over 40), so hope to see what’s going on in an otherwise quiet phase (before the storm). Enjoy it!

  • Doppler side note- since I know some mamas are totally for or against them.
    im just about 17 weeks and it still takes me a few minutes to find the heartbeat! 
    And when I find it sometimes the slightest moves and she’s gone 🤣 
    it’s true not to panic if you don’t hear something right away. Babe is so small and moving all over the place in there, it’s hard to track them down sometimes. 
  • First time momma over here - I have no idea what movement might feel like, I’ve heard “butterflies” and I’m thinking she’s moving around. I have pretty severe anxiety and honestly can’t tell if it’s anxiety or her moving. But I don’t always feel anxious or feel like I’m having an anxiety when I feel the flutter. Curious to hear what others are feeling! 
  • @mommadix with my first baby, it felt like flutters. Almost like I had a hummingbird in my abdomen.  It eventually will change over to kicks, but I remember there being a few weeks where I wasn't feeling flutters anymore before I realized it had switched to actual kicks.  So if those flutters stop for a bit, it's likely just you not realizing you're feeling different movement.  
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