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Telling Employer about Pregnancy

Sorry in advance for long message: Hi Everyone, I started a new job and found out I was pregnant a week later. (Very excited) Fast forward to 15 weeks, I told my manager who took it very well. The next day I told my coworker who I work very closely with. Afterwards, on a call with both of them, my manager mentioned that he doesn’t want to tell people yet until later. It made me nervous, and I also realized I didn’t send an email after our initial conversation to back myself up. Do you think I should still send an email even though it’s 4 days later? PS I’m in Canada.

Re: Telling Employer about Pregnancy

  • (Following because I’m in a similar situation—hopefully starting a new job next month but haven’t said anything yet, and I’m nervous as hell)
  • @kendrie18 is it that your boss doesn't want to start explaining who will take over your projects/work temporarily while you're out because that hasn't yet been planned for and there's plenty of time?  Or does he not want you telling others?  Are you in the office, such that it will become evident?  You certainly have the right to tell your coworkers.  
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  • Following because I work for a startup and with this economic situation the tech industry is facing right now, I’m super anxious to tell them. They’re also building out their parental leave benefits right now. Feel like I could influence those in a positive way if I spoke up. But also anxious knowing that we’re struggling as a company due to the economy, which means I might need to find a new role between now and January. Definitely adding some anxiety! 
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