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Weekly Randoms Week of 21Jul

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GTKY: What's your dream vacation or favorite vacation?

Re: Weekly Randoms Week of 21Jul

  • We did the NIPT test on Monday, I got most of my results back already but we are still wanting for the genetic test and gender results. My doctor used Natera and I haven't used this before. We are very anxiously awaiting the results.
    Has anyone else used this company and if so, how long did it take to get your results? TIA!
  • @jessicadmillard I got my Natera results back 1 week from when I did the draw. 

    GTKY: What's your dream vacation or favorite vacation?
    I think my favorite vacation ever was our honeymoon. We did a bike trip through Quebec and it was amazing. Delicious food, great scenery, and only one flat tire 👍. DH and I were pretty into bike touring before kids and hopefully we'll get back into it one day. Can't wait to go back to Quebec someday too!
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  • I just downloaded the “move your bump” app and it looks premising for pre/post natal workouts! It’s currently 50% off right now so I can totally handle $20 a month for good fitness content! 
  • @thankfullyamama let us know how you like it!
  • @thankfullyamama ohhh let us know how you like it!! 

    Sad rant—we cancelled our Disney vacation in September. I’m just not feeling too great and don’t want to deal with the crowds/people and with COVID on the rise and plane cancellations I’m just not here for it. It’s also a LOT of money and I’m having a hard time justifying it to myself. I’m sad because we love Disney and when we lived in GA we went all the time, and I was looking forward to the Food and Wine festival 

    happy rant—hubby just started his new job this week and it’s such a good fit. He’s now a federal police officer so we keep all our benefits from his last federal job but he’s much happier back on the police force (he was a LEO before I joined the Army) 

    Hawaii (specifically Kauai) has been my favorite vacation and we’ve been trying to go back ever since our honeymoon. But my dream vacation would be Italy. My great grandparents immigrated during WWI and I would loveeeee to meet the other side of my family (she was one of 11, we still have a lot of family there apparently) and see where we’re from! 
  • I'd heard second kids show sooner, but having to already use the hair tie trick on my shorts is just rude!

    GTKY: Dream vacation would be spending a few months traveling around Europe, there's so much to see!  Favorites and most relaxing would be Hawaii vacations, beaches, fresh fruit, hiking, and chickens everywhere!
  • @footdrbritt we’re going to Kauai for our babymoon and it’s our first time there! Great to hear you loved it!

    I just found out one of my best friends is also expecting! She’s due in February and I am so happy for them AND excited to have a bump buddy. 🤗

    GTKY: Favorite vacation is probably Scandinavia! We flew from Iceland to Sweden, and then visited Denmark and Norway. Such different history. 
  • @r_kenn99 highly suggest getting the Kauai revealed book or app (app is wayyyy cheaper and updated regularly) 
    it’s super helpful and honest reviews for hikes, things to do, hotels and food 
  • @r_kenn99 ooohh Scandanavia is a good vacation, I still need to get to Norway though.  Have so much fun in Kauai, eat all of the shave ice!

  • @jessicadmillard I had Natera and it took about a week to get my results back.  They all came at the same time.

    My favorite vacation was to Scotland!  I would LOVE to go back there.  Dream vacation would be to Norway or Iceland!
  • @jessicamillard I had Natera and it also only took one week. I’d expected it to take longer but was pleasantly surprised!

    Random thought if the week: The smell of garlic makes me vomit these days, and yet the smell of broccoli, which we all know is essence du fart, doesn’t bug me at all. My husband thinks it’s blasphemy (because he cooks with garlic daily) and I think it’s fair because I’m violently allergic to garlic anyway, and broccoli is delicious. We’ve debated this at home more than most normal people would. 

    Best vacation ever was touring around Italy and coming home pregnant. If I was Victoria Beckham I’d have to name this kid Florence, but I could never be that cruel. 😂
  • @jesofthenorth @sparklingdiamond @jennifer_louise thank you ladies! 
    I'm still impatiently checking the website multiple times a day.😂 anyways, did y'all happen to get an email saying they received your sample. I never got one but from everything I am reading, I should have so now I'm worried mine got lost or somwthing.😅
  • @jessicadmillard I’m in the same boat. I did my lab work last Monday, and here we are end of Tuesday with no word yet. I’m really hoping I see a message tomorrow. I don’t want to pester my dr office just yet, but it’s so hard to have patience!
  • It took almost 2 weeks for my Natera results to come back. Previously, they were doing genetic testing and carrier screening from separate tubes, but recently changed. Information wasn’t transferring over, so every time something was update or added, it bumps people to the bottom of queue. So lame but… I know there are bigger things to worry about in life.
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  • @jessicadmillard Yes I signed up on the Natera site and they let me know when they received the sample.  I think that took 2-3 days after the draw to show up.  I think you can always call Natera too and check with them just to be sure.
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