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WTF Wednesday 7/20

Why does the sewer line right by our house have to completely collapse?  Fortunately, we still can use our sewer, but our main road is completely blocked and everyone has to go on a super annoying detour.

Any Wtf's in your world?
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Re: WTF Wednesday 7/20

  • WTF to my children last night. My daughter got into a fit and screamed her head off for like an hour last night until I tossed her into the shower fully clothed to shock her out of it (protip for FTM - if they're crying and won't stop put them in water or bring them outside. Works like 95% of the time), but in that hour every time she got close to settling down my son would come and start bugging her and got her going again. Like WHY CHILD!?
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    @mflowers929 how old are your kids? Mine are 4 and 6, my daughter is the younger one. I have had to put cool wash clothes on her face to bring her around and every time she would start to regulate my son would do something to make her mad again. It’s infuriating 😂 
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  • @Gingermom15 my son is 4 and my daughter is almost 2. Not sure what we were thinking trying for another so soon lol
    Momma to 3 angels and two amazing children
    F born June 2018
    W born September 2020
    #3 due November 2022
  • Ughhhh it’s definitely in the water or something! My 5 yo son and 2.5 yo daughter were INSANE at bedtime last night. We had to have a near hour long family chat today to discuss. 

    We’re also at my parents in NJ until Sunday and have already been here for like 12 days and I’m sooooo ready to go back home. My dads habits are so triggering to me, and unfortunately a lot of the crap he used to pull on me, he’s now doing to my daughter. My husband is the most calm and rational person I’ve ever met and he even described it as psychological warfare. Ding ding diiiiing! 
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  • @mflowers929 you’re a brave soul lol we debated until our daughter turned 4 if we would even have another. 
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    @mflowers929 I have a 19 month old who will be almost 2 when this next one is born. I’m a little confused why I tried so close together also.  This toddler is quite a handful, hopefully in a few months he’ll be able to communicate at least a little better 🤷‍♀️.   A friend of mine just had a baby and has a 3.5 year old and that seems like a great age gap because she’s able to and wants to be a little helpful with the baby. 2 under 2 will be quite hard for a few years , then hopefully they’ll be friends  and go to school and life will be easy peasy lol 😂 

    snd it’s been impossible to grt him to sleep lately too.  For months I could lay with him and he’d fall asleep for his nap and at bedtime in like 10-30 minutes.  Now naps are impossible and bedtime is a struggle and he doesn’t sleep until like 9:30 😭.  Hopefully he’s just having a leap and will learn to sleep again. I think in a week or two I’ll try some sleep training at night again- he could put himself to sleep for a little while then traveling messed it up. And I’m ok  cuddling him to sleep since he sleeps through the night, but not when he just doesn’t go to sleep!
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