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I was just wondering if anyone here uses the owlet dream sock. I’ve been on and off about purchasing one because what I am seeing is that it does not give current oxygen level just an average over a 10 minute period. Thanks!

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  • My daughter was born two months early and spent a month in the NICU. When it came time to come home I was very concerned abo it breathing episodes and brought this product up to our nurses and doctors. We were told not to buy this or other similar products. That they are not correct most of the time causing panic for the parents and that they are a health hazard including burns to infants feet .
  • Hey mama! So we were also skeptical about the Owlet but we bought it while it was on sale. I will say it has 100% helped me sleep easy at night with it on our baby. We only use it when we leave baby to nap unsupervised and when we sleep. It is not perfect, the sensor can get disrupted by the baby moving too much or being out of range of the base (it's a significant distance IMO).

    The app is not perfect but it does the job. The oxygen reported is a 10 min average but we noticed it bumps up very fast once the baby wakes up and especially if they start crying. 

    Overall, I recommend it for your peace of mind. It's not necessary but it does do a "job". Either way, you'll be fine. You got it mama!
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  • I have the Smart Sock 3. It has it's ups and downs for sure. It alerts when I do middle of the night feeds which is annoying, but it does give me peace of mind. My babe learned how to roll all the way to her face really early, though, so for me I wouldn't sleep well without it
  • Purchased the owlet when I realized in the hospital I kept looking to see if my baby was breathing in the night. I purchased it for my own sanity and it has been great. It's only day 6 it has taken away a level of stress I didn't need. 
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