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Postpartum scent changes

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Hello friends,
After my first pregnancy, I noticed the scent of my nethers changed and I could smell myself ALL THE TIME.

My 2nd is 7 weeks old now, and my scent changed again... and is significantly worse.  Like, I smell disgusting.  Even 10 minutes out of the shower I can smell it again.  Seeing as I clearly can't live my life constantly in running water and soap, are there any healthy/clean tactics I can use to mask the odor until I can talk to my Dr at my baby's next appointment?  It's driving me CRAZY.

Re: Postpartum scent changes

  • You must have BV. Avoid sex and just wear clean cotton underwear. Your dr will prescribe medication to get rid if the bacteria.  No worries it happens often after delivering because the hormones are stabilizing. 
  • I second the possible bacterial vaginitis. Hormones are insane and can cause even beneficial bacteria to have a field day. Just talk to your doctor about it. I wouldn’t recommend doing anything specific to treat it on your own like washes or wipes. Maybe wearing a pad to absorb any excess moisture and sweat will help. 

    good luck! I hope your dr. figures it out for you!
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