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IVF-stopping meds next week

I got pregnant via IVF and I go off my meds next week (10 weeks). I am so nervous that something might go wrong once I am done. Has anyone had experience with this? 

Re: IVF-stopping meds next week

  • Also IVF but I'm only just now at 5 weeks so also very nervous. Lots of hugs and good wishes that everything goes smoothly for you!
  • I have heard some people who said they started spotting about 2 days after stopping the progesterone. They called their doctor and made a plan to wean off it slowly rather than stop all at once. I had no problems when I stopped the meds, just very grateful for no more shots (I'm almost 17 weeks now). I did have some bleeding at 5 weeks and spotting at 7 weeks, but no changes when stopping meds. Trust your doctor's plan (most people are fine with that timeline, and I recall reading some research that continuing the meds past that time could be harmful), but give them a call if you have any issues.
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  • I’m IVF & my doctor told me he would start weaning me off my meds when I go for my 8 week ultrasound. I’m scared too. I told him my concerns and he said weaning off was the better option than just stopping altogether.
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    Same here! Currently 6 weeks 6 days & my dr said my next appt we’ll discuss tapering the drugs. I’m so ready to be done with the shots! 😣
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    Also, More than stopping the meds, I’m nervous about how infrequent my ultrasounds & bloodwork analyses are going to be once I switch to an OB!
  • Hi there! I’m new here and looking for some guidance. I read your reply and curious about your experience with bleeding/spotting.

    I’m 6 weeks and experienced spotting on Thursday of this week. I immediately went in Friday for an ultrasound and everything looked great but no explanation for the bleeding. I had no spotting yesterday but then all of a sudden today I had a sharp pain in my lower abdomen. It was more like a feeling I get if I am constipated. I had brief nauseous but the pain went away after about 20 minutes. I did start bleeding again. I would categorize it as spotting but I’m so concerned. Did you have any other symptoms besides your spotting and did your doctor give you an explanation?

    Thanks so much!
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