January 2023 Moms

Product Spotlight: Strollers

This week's focus is on strollers. 
Share what you like, love, dislike.  

Umbrella, jogging, travel system, compact, full size?

What do you like for multiple kids?

Re: Product Spotlight: Strollers

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    With my first I got a super expensive fancy jogging stroller that my son HATED. I just sold it and bought a used city select double stroller and omg I love it. I wish I had this from the start. My jogging stroller didn’t have the option to have baby facing me and that’s all he really wanted. Also idc how fit you are unless you are an avid jogger/runner like seriously how many people REALLY jog postpartum? Lol just my two cents but look into a stroller that had a car seat attachment and the ability to hold two seats if you think you’ll have more than one baby!
  • For our everyday stroller I like the City Mini GT, and we have the car seat adapter for using before 6 months.  It's smooth and sturdy, but I don't love the buckle complexity.  

    For my running stroller, I have a BoB, it's great, the front wheel can lock, they handle rougher terrain well with the larger bike-esque tires, and my child still goes on  stroller runs with me. (I was one of those people back running asap postpartum, and was thrilled when growth and milestones were hit to use the running stroller.) These aren't cheap, and would rec buying a used one.
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  • We have a Bob and upgraded to a double Bob—we love love love love it. We use it pretty much exclusively for everything 

    We have a pockit mini as well which is light and great for on the go. 
  • I was able to find a used uppababy with a million attachments for sale on Facebook marketplace. Although we will only be having one child I like having the flexibility of configuring for more if my niece comes to visit or we go out with friends etc. I also loved that it came with travel bags for when we go to Europe to visit family. 
  • First time mom with twins! Would love to hear any insights about double strollers and what strollers are popular for twins?
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