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Bright red blood a month after a d and c

I had a d and c one month ago and I never bled in the slightest right after the procedure. Three weeks after, I started bleeding bright red blood. Not enough to soak a pad every hour but I’ve been bleeding for a week straight and it’s bright red. I know it’s not period blood bc us women just know the difference. Is this something I should be concerned about? I went to the doctor a week ago and she told me I had a uti and I’m wondering if that is affecting it. I’m just afraid because I don’t want to mess up my fertility.

Re: Bright red blood a month after a d and c

  • Hope everything is going better! I had a D and C two weeks ago and didn’t bleed much initially. Then one day I randomly bled a good amount… then it stopped again. It’s just weird. I would check with your doctor just in case, but I suspect it’s part of the new “normal.” 
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