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Miscarriage 5 years ago, haven't gotten pregnant since

Hello! Although I've been reading forums on here for a few months this is my first time saying anything on here!

Anyway, pretty much about 6 years ago with my ex I had gotten pregnant pretty quickly and had a miscarriage at about 6 weeks. My now husband and I will tell anyone we aren't TTC however the only form of birth control we use is withdrawal method and we aren't careful with timing (for example this past month we did the deed the two days leading up to me ovulating) and I'm due in 3 days for AF with dreams at night of me getting a positive test. I am hopeful every month that I get a positive test although we aren't technically "TTC" but it's pretty much driving me crazy because I'm starting to think I'm in capable considering we've gone 5 years with no protection and I haven't gotten pregnant yet! I brought it up with my doctor and they said they don't want to look into it until we officially say we're ready to have kids, which my husband does not want to "officially" start trying. I did not realize it was effecting me this much until this month, when I saw that we had sex both days before I ovulated and I've tried to see if I've had any symptoms and already took 4 tests and just so badly want to see a positive, anyone else have any similar experiences?

Re: Miscarriage 5 years ago, haven't gotten pregnant since

  • @sagittarius1998 If you aren't trying, and you are using the Pull Out Method, then why would you think you are incapable of getting PG?  You really need to calm down.  If you aren't TTC, you aren't actively trying to get PG, and you aren't DTD fully during your O window, then of course you may not be getting PG!

    Also, you really need to make sure your current partner is on board with wanting a  baby.  If you are ready to try for one, then maybe you need to actually try and test.  If you are both still not wanting to TTC, you shouldn't be taking PG tests regularly around your cycle and trying to symptom spot.  No wonder you're going crazy!
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