1st Trimester

Abnormal nuchal translucency

Hello. I had an ultrasound yesterday 
(12 weeks 2 days) and they said the nuchal translucency was 3 mm which is too high so they are recommending fetal echocardiogram at 24 weeks and genetic testing for Down’s syndrome etc. I’m really worried now. Anyone else have something similar and had a normal outcome?

Re: Abnormal nuchal translucency

  • Had an unusual NIPT with my first. Went through all the testing with my first- so sorry for all the worry. Our outcome ended up being difficult but we survived - I’ve tried to remember that when doctors give the out comes from the NT it is a screening and not a diagnosis- my mantra was don’t worry until you must - and I won’t let fear steal my joy - there are so many unknowns and those appointments can be so nerve wracking- hoping all goes well and that you have an awesome team.
  • Thanks so much for sharing your experience. Fingers crossed all will be good. 
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