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So I went in for an ultrasound for what I thought would be verification of a viable pregnancy at 6w1d. However they couldn’t see anything but an empty sac. The nurse said it’s possible I am just like a week earlier than what I thought and I’m going back in this week (Wednesday) to hopefully see a little healthy bean! Is it normal to not see anything that early!?

 I’ve had two healthy pregnancies before (I know anything can happen) I’m just so nervous it could be a blighted ovum 😭😭 

I have been SUPER nauseous and extremely tired!!!! 


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    it’s possible to see something at 5 weeks but it’s much more accurate at 6 weeks. At 6 weeks they should be able to see the fetal pole and yolk sac. However that’s not to say that your out. I live this entire pregnancy “cautiously optimistic”. I’m sorry I don’t have like a similar experience to share with you. Hope everything works out. 
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