January 2023 Moms

Resting Heart Rate Increase

I never noticed during my first pregnancy (in my 30s), but now that I'm in my 40s, I'm feeling all the things. Still taking daily walks and occasional strength training sessions. Not overdoing anything.

My resting heart rate used to be 72 bpm. It's now between 92-99 bpm.

How's yours?

Re: Resting Heart Rate Increase

  • I have a smart mattress that has been telling me that my resting heart rate has been 6% higher than usual when I sleep. I think our hearts have to work much harder to move all that extra blood around
  • Yep, definitely normal to have a 10-20% increase by 3rd trimester. And I never knew a smart mattress could tell you that - nice!

    I have a feeling mine will reach over 20% increase at this rate! But not too worried. Will mention it to my OB next time.
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