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HCG and Progesterone

Hi all, So i am 5 weeks pregnant today. I've had a few misscarriages in the past and here hoping everything is going well. I went in for HCG and Progesterone Monday and I was 4 weeks 4 days and my numbers came back HCG 1524 and Progesterone 29.5, then I went back for an ultrasound and blood work again wednesday - 4 weeks and 6 days and we saw a yolk sac (too early to see anything else) and my bloodwork came back HCG 2883 and Progesterone 24.2. My HCG seems to be going up, it went up 89% in 48 hours and even though my progesterone is still good, I'm concerned that it dropped in 2 days. Anyone have their progesterone drop and then go back up? My doctor put me on Lovenox because of my past misscarriages and depending on how my progesterone progresses she will put me on progesterone supositories. I have an appoinment again next week at 6 weeks, where we are hoping to see a fetal pole and heartbeat. I would love to hear input and others experiences.

Re: HCG and Progesterone

  • Hello!

    I had something similar with my progesterone numbers and shifts slightly downward (and am on a suppository given previous miscarriages). My doctor told me that this fluctuation is normal and as long as you are about 15 you are in a good spot! 

    Wishing you the best!   
  • I have my first scan (6 weeks) in 5 days to confirm heartbeat to go in lovenox as well. How has it been for you so far?
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