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False or positive?

Hello, I’m Jasmine and I’m 29. My boyfriend and I have been trying to have a baby, I got my IUD taken out May 19th 2022 one week later I had spotting for a few hours then gone.

 Last Wednesday on July 6th I took a test that came back positive. I took 5 total at home tests all ClearBlue that said I was indeed pregnant.

Two days ago I went to my local walk in and did 2 more tests there and both came back positive. Yesterday I went to go get blood work done and did another pee test, the pee test came back positive but the blood test came back not pregnant with my hCG level being at a 22 between 5 and 25. 

I’ve had mild spotting mainly pink up starting Monday very sporadically until this morning and it has turned slighter more red with mild cramping but nothing I’d consider painful. 

Re: False or positive?

  • At my doctor, hcg above 5 is pregnant. You should follow up with your obgyn and they should run another blood sample to see if the number are rising appropriately or not. 
  • An HCG of 22 is considered pregnant but it’s a pretty low number, especially given that you’ve been getting positive tests for a week prior to the blood test. The only way to know for sure if your numbers are trending up or down is to get a 2nd HCG blood test. 
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