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8 week symptoms not strong anymore

I am 8 weeks 4 days and recently my symptoms have not been nearly as bad. I am worried something might be wrong. My breasts are still sore on and off and my nausea comes and goes but nothing like it was last week. Anyone have experience with this 💜

Re: 8 week symptoms not strong anymore

  • There are tons of posts, just like yours and you will see that it is common for symptoms to come and go. Some people have 1 symptoms- a missed period. Others have severe symptoms that they need to be hospitalized.  So at this time consider yourself lucky. 
  • I had all the symptoms then they disappeared at 9 weeks and my baby had lost its heartbeat. I would get it checked out
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  • nwshaynwshay member
    @ckanderson0611 I've had a difficult start, bleeding, low heart rate, etc. I'm 8+1 and went in for an u/s today expecting the worst because in addition to all of that, my symptoms have subsided. Everything is fine. If you're worried, chat with your doctor. I think this is a pretty common time for symptoms to start to get better though. Never feel bad calling your doctor though!
  • I'm 10 weeks, my best friend is 8 weeks. The only symptom I've had is sore breasts and I was worried something is wrong, since my best friend has been experiencing super strong symptoms. My doctor said everything looks good, I've just gotten lucky. When in doubt, ask.
  • knottie1a07f0ed3a53a703 please know that every person is different and every pregnancy is different.  You have 2 symptoms sore breasts AND MISSED PERIOD! That in fact is a symptom.  

    So, you can not use other people's stories or journeys to tell how your pregnancy is going.  

    If your doctor says things are fine, great!  I've known people w/ strong symptoms and continued to have strong symptoms until after baby is born - to the point if being hospitalized multiple times, next kiddo missed period was it! 

    So just know that no one pregnancy is the same. 

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