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Light Brown Tan Spotting at 5-6weeks

Has anyone else experienced any light brown/tan spotting at 5/6 weeks?  I had a miscarriage in February and am pregnant again. I had a dark brown discharge right before my miscarriage this is not that color. So I wanted to double check if it was normal or anyone else experienced it? I have also been having some mild cramps and headaches is this all normal? Thanks so much in advance. 

Re: Light Brown Tan Spotting at 5-6weeks

  • calexscalexs Newbie
    I am currently experiencing the exact same thing! Been on the phone to the Mat unit, 111 and my GP- all have said that at this stage I shouldn’t worry and try to relax
  • @calexs yeah thats what mine said as well. So sorry you are going through it too. Keep me posted if you want or feel free to message me on here if you need someone to talking. Praying both our babies and us will be healthy❤️ take care and try not to be like me and worry it doesn’t do any good. Are you by chance on progesterone? I am cause of my miscarriage my OB wanted to be proactive. I was wondering if that might be causing it. 
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  • Hi all I’m sorry this is happening to you guys, but I just wanted to share that I spotted a lot during my first trimester of my last pregnancy (and some in the 2nd trimester even I think) and I have a happy healthy two year old resulting from that pregnancy. I remember being really scared at the time too. Hang in there, spotting can be normal :) 
  • jenesis3228jenesis3228 member
    edited July 2022
    Super anxious about this as well. Started today whenever I wipe there’s a light brown streak. It’s subsided and I don’t have any other indications that this is serious however it’s indeed concerning. Glad you all
    can ease my fears. I’m 5 weeks 5 days. 
  • Hiya I have just turned 8 weeks pregnant. This has also been happening to me the last few days. I contacted my gp who advised too monitor and should be OK
    Its been calming to read your comments and I am trying to relax but it is a worry
  • Hello! I’m like 4 weeks and change and having the same thing and am absolutely terrified. It’s always how my periods started but had a positive test four days ago. My parents & pregnant friends all are telling me not to worry but that’s seeming impossible.
  • Aww if it makes everyone feel any better I just had an ultrasound at 7wks and 6 days and baby is measuring right on track with a heartbeat of 174❤️ and I am still having the spotting. My doctor sent a urine culture for a uti. I would have your ob check for that just incase. I had a miscarriage in February and the color of the discharge was a dark brown like coffee grains with really bad cramps. Hopefully that helps some of y’all! Try not to worry and relax. I know how hard it can be. Praying for healthy babies for y’all 💓💓
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