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What are you doing differently from your first pregnancy?

I have an almost 9-year old son, and feel like I’ve been out of the saddle. About to have a girl this time, God willing (super excited; got the NIPT blood test results for gender).

For those who are not FTM, what are you doing differently this pregnancy and/for what do you plan to do differently for your newborn?

I just love lessons-learned and am all ears. 😉 👂🏼 🤓 📝 

Re: What are you doing differently from your first pregnancy?

  • I have a girl and now a boy.I'm not as paranoid about food or taking drugs tonhelo me not vomit. I'm 14 half weeks still sick. I'm also drinking a little coffee this time and I'm not buying a ton of clothes this time. What about you? @mirackleshappen04
  • Same, not too worried this time around, hope to stay as relaxed as we are now after the baby comes. I am definitely planning to learn more about birth positions now, since I knew nothing with my first. Was just trying to stay healthy and move everyday.
     This time, hoping to stay a bit more flexible (in every way; we had an emergency c-section with our first, which I did not expect since I came into the hospital at 8-9cm dilated). Whatever happens, I want to be prepared and hope everyone has healthy babies!
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