1st Trimester

Bottles? Help!

Recommendations for bottles for breastfeeding babies? There’s soooo many options!

Re: Bottles? Help!

  • I liked lansinoh momma. You can pump directly into them with a spectra or lansinoh pump.
  • I thought the bottle was going to be a huge deal and stressed about it. We had many kinds. I swore I wanted to exclusively use boon nursh when supplementing…(which were slow release so they frustrated my son) they also have a decent amount of parts to wash. So I ended up liking dr browns the best the older he got. We had the skinny & the wider bottles. 
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  • We had so many different kinds between the samples we got from registry welcome boxes and the bottle sampler from baby list (I think it has five or six different bottles).  We called it the March madness of bottles where we started eliminating them.  Some didn't warm up in the bottle warmer, some leaked, some had too many parts. 

    We finally settled on the Philips Advent.  We liked the Dr Brown's when he was very little, but didn't want to spend the money to get the bigger nipple size once he outgrew the one it came with.  At that point, we had mostly the Philips anyway, so we just stuck with those.  

    Full disclosure: due to some medical issues, my son only breastfed a few times.  After that, I exclusively pumped and you can pump into the Advent with the Spectra.

  • I didn't pump and do "practice" bottles before I went back to work after 12 weeks. We tried tons of brands and had a stressful few weeks. Ultimately Playtex was what he would take. After I returned to work, I only nursed when I was with him and he'd have pumped bottles when I was working. He had no issues switching back and forth at that point. 
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