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Product Spotlight: Baby Apparel

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Let’s talk baby clothes!

What baby apparel will you stock up on?
What sizes do you plan on getting?
Favorite types of baby apparel?
Favorite brands?

Re: Product Spotlight: Baby Apparel

  • I really just love cat and jack. It's durable, inexpensive, and I can have new clothes delivered via Shipt in a pinch. My last son was born in April and was in 2T by Christmas. So not only are they opposite seasons; he was also a beast. 
    I'm basically just getting a few things in each size new and then once I build a wardrobe I'll wash a go through what we have but I know most of the younger clothes are shorts and tanks. I'll get a handful of things in each size and then just buy as I go. I'm most definitely the type of person who likes to be prepared for every scenario but I don't want to buy something I can't return in a few months. My kids desperately want to get him a Halloween costume so that's the only thing I think I'll get once they decide how they want him dressed up. He will be maybe two weeks old at that point.
  • DS's wardrobe is predominantly from Old Navy/Gap, largely because they have huge sales but also I can find the widest colour and pattern selections if I shop in both boys and girls sections. I work really hard to make sure I put him in a range of colours and styles because I hate how boys clothing is often limited to grey, black, navy and red. It's a lot of fun coming up with combos that I call "non-neutral gender neutral" aka just not bland. I love the Canadian brand Whistle & Flute for a couple higher end pieces because their quality is great. Kyte baby also falls in that category and their fabrics are suuuuuper soft and lovely. I particularly like their sleep sacks, which I'm willing to splurge on because they're used for longer. Angel Dear and Pehr have adorable options that I would put on a registry. I also often buy from Carter's/OshKosh but I find their stuff shrinks faster and DS is a tall little buddy. Zara is great for fun shoes, as is Nordstrom Rack. 

    As for specific items, footed sleepers are a really good thing to stock up on. Baby socks are a pain in the butt and go missing easily. I prefer zip sleepers, lots of people prefer snaps sleepers, so I'd get a couple of each, see what you like then stock up. Layering is really helpful with newborns, so I would definitely get a couple of sweaters that aren't too bulky, leggings that can go under pants, etc. I really like the snowsuits from babyGap if you can get them on clearance, secondhand or put them on your registry. In your hospital bag make sure to pack both newborn and 0-3m options in case baby is longer, fuller or (in our case w/ DS) has an extra big head (all the newborn hats were too tiny!).
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  • I love the brand Svaha for nerd-tastic, science-themed clothes! It's one of those places that are a little more expensive than you might want for everyday baby stuff, but they have lots of sales and it's fun to have a few cute pieces. There are also mom-baby collections https://svahausa.com/collections/babies 

    And I totally second what @krthouse said about stocking up on footed sleepers as a go-to basic, and specifically zip sleepers. When they're little they'll probably be in those 90% of the time, especially if the weather is cool. You don't need too much in the newborn size, unless they're born on the small side. We're probably just using our existing NB hand-me-downs. A ~7-8lb newborn might only be in NB for a matter of weeks. And if they're born anywhere close to 10lbs, they might skip it altogether!
  • @merostomata OMG I love these nerdy science clothes! Thank you for sharing.
  • I found little green radicals in the UK (they ship to the US) great quality clothes for a good price! I also like the designs especially for boys (it’s not just sharks and dinosaurs)!

  • Sleepers that can zip from the top and bottom. They are amazing for middle of the night diaper changes. 
    I get a lot of clothes from target, Carter’s and baby gap. I’m not getting much this go around, because it’s my 3rd boy. 
    I have smaller babies (4lbs, 6lbs 9oz, and 6lbs 9oz - yes, my 2nd and 3rd had the same stats including length), so we’re in newborn for 5-7 weeks. Since my oldest was so small and born in August, I might have more luck using more of his clothes.
  • I saved a lot of clothes from my first daughter. She was born in late December so hoping we can reuse a lot of it. I figure we will put her mostly in sleepers and the occasional onesie with comfy pants and a sweater for the first few months. I love the cloud island sleepers from target. I also get a ton of clothes from old navy typically when they have sales. 
  • How do you determine which size to bring to the hospital for a going home outfit, or do you pack multiple sized outfits? I wanna buy something super cute online but it’s like 50/50 shot in the dark!
  • I usually bring a NB and 3 month size. All of my kids were big babies. From almost 9 lbs to over 10lbs but so long that all of them fit into NB for at least the trip home. I've been trying to find a cute outfit also. My girls both wore the same dress. I'm trying to decide if I want to put this boy in the same outfit as my last boy or if I should do something new. 
  • I'd bring NB and 0-3. I learned the hard way to bring larger hats just in case because DS had a phenomenally large head and none of the hats fit. Luckily I had a hooded warm suit to pop him in.
  • With my last daughter she was almost 9 lbs at birth and fit into newborn. I brought both newborn and 0-3 months to the hospital. This baby is measuring bigger but I will still bring at least one newborn outfit just in case. I didn’t buy anything new in the newborn size this time around but did buy a few in 0-3. I figure if she fits in newborn it won’t be for very long. 
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