Babies: 6 - 9 Months

Peanut Butter Allergy Reaction

Hello everyone, hope everyone is doing well. 

My LO is 6.5 months now and I have been giving him solid foods to try since he turn 6 months. Today, we tried peanut butter and had allergic reaction. Luckily, he doesn't has anaphylaxis and we got referred to see a specialist later. 

I am still quite worry and hope he can grow out of it. But my husband said you can't. 

Just wondering anyone also having such experience, and any feedback or comments on this? 

Re: Peanut Butter Allergy Reaction

  • My daughter had a reaction as well (small rash where the peanut butter had touched her skin).The doctor said to avoid peanuts until she is assessed by a specialist, but as her reaction had been very mild, it is possible she may not be allergic and it was just a one-time reaction. Fingers crossed!
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