Miscarriage/Pregnancy Loss

Can I have a successful pregnancy after an ectopic/complete molar pregnancy?

In May 2019 I had an ectopic and complete molar pregnancy, 7 weeks when I 'miscarried'. I was wondering if it is possible for me to have a successful pregnancy after this?


  • @queenoftaming This would really be a better question for your RE or OB.  But as long as you still have at least 1 fallopian tube left after your ectopic, and you did all the steps following your molar PG with no cancer/cancer remission, you should be able to become PG after all of that.  

    "Successful" would depend on your definition.  Can you get PG?  Probably.  Will it result in a healthy, living child?  Unknown.  
    I've never had an ectopic, or complete molar... I did have a suspected molar, but after testing it was determined to only be a Missed MC.  But I've had 5 PGs and they were all MCs.  

    Are you working with an RE?  Is it possible for you to consult with them, if you haven't worked with one before?
    *TW All the Loss* #BitterHagPartyOf1

    October 2015 - 1st MC.  7-8 weeks along. Suspected molar PG, but luckily just a MMC.

    June 2016 - 2nd MC: 4-5 weeks CP

    September 2016 - 3rd MC: 4-5 weeks CP

    RE 1: ALL the testing - 'unexplained'  "Yinz can do IVF or try on your own"

    Feb 2017 - 4th MC: 6 weeks

    RE 2: More tests. Still 'unexplained.'  Called fat for an entire hour-long appointment, cried a lot

    Feb 2019 - 5th MC: 6-7 weeks

    IUD - March 2019-March 2023

    RE 3:  Repeat all the tests. Hoping to try IVF.

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