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Induction 7/12

Hi guys! So I’m getting induced Tuesday the 12th at 39 weeks due to gestation diabetes. Due date was July the 19th.. STM but it’s been 12 years! And hoping for a VBAC.. Dr checked my cervix yday but I’m not dilated at all.. I’ve been having contractions but not too strong. I’m super nervous as I’ve been reading good and bad induction stories.. I also want to try not getting epidural. If any of you ladies have been induced before how long were you in labor for?

Re: Induction 7/12

  • Hello! Here’s my story-  I was induced my first pregnancy at 41 weeks. The whole process took 24 hours for me. My doctor started me off with a folley balloon to get me dilated until 5-6cm & my water broke (I was not dilated at all when I arrived at the hospital) then I got Pictocin and asked for an epidural an hour later. I was having terrible back labor pains!

    Really hoping to go into labor on my own this time, but I’m already 3 days past my due date... So I might be doing this all again next week too. I’m going to try and not get an epidural this time too. 
    Prayers for you, your baby, and a safe delivery! :) 
  • I am 40 weeks and 5 days pregnant... I am given option to induce next week but I am not able to make my mind as my 1st baby was totally natural and easy, this second baby feels healthy too I dont find any reason to get induction and dont know on what bases should I make my mind anyone can just help me knw the difference in labour pain if induced or not induced
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