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Fit Friday July 8th

How are you doing activity wise?
What are you doing to stay active? Have you had to make any adjustments? 

Re: Fit Friday July 8th

  • I’m definitely struggling to get back into my pre-pregnancy routine which consisted of barre classes at least 3 times a week. I’ve only been to one class since starting second trimester. 

    I think I’m having to adjust to my energy levels having changed since getting pregnant. I used to take morning classes but evening classes just seem attractive now - however I can very rarely do this with my work schedule. It makes me sad because I really like barre (and my annual membership is getting charged even if I’m not going). 

    I guess I need to accept that my lifestyle is just different now and that’s ok! To make up for it, I’ve been trying to get in peloton rides, strength training, and yoga here and there.  
  • I’ve been having some complications but as soon as life settles I’m heading to aquafit! Low impact is my jam at the moment. I also find if I don’t go to a class I won’t do it as I’m not motivated to do things on my own at home. 
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  • Running plenty still, now just contending with my bladder for stops. Hoping to run until baby arrives. 

    Has anyone found a good virtual prenatal yoga program?  I have used doyogawithme but am looking for other options.
  • I was attending 3-4 CrossFit classes a week prior to getting pregnant and running often. During the first trimester I was exhausted and my workouts definitely took a hit. It was more like 1 class a week and home workouts a couple other days (strength training, bike, walking). Now that I am in the second trimester, I am feeling pretty good again! Trying to get to CrossFit 3x a week and continue running and walking because I truly love being active. Obviously, I have had to modify and my mindset has completely changed: I am now focused on being the healthiest version of myself rather than the strongest or fastest. I know working out is recommended and woman rave about being the perks of being fit for birth, so I am going to keep on chugging along!
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