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PP bleeding

My postpartum bleeding is still going on at almost 8 weeks pp. It was tapering down around 4 weeks pp but never stopped and just picked up with bright red bleeding around 5.5 Weeks pp. My OB had told to see if it stops by 8 weeks, at my 6 week appt. Since it didnt stop, I scheduled a visit next week but until then I'm quite worried. I don't think it's my period as it never stopped and I'm also exclusively pumping ( baby couldn't latch for oral ties). When did yours stop?

Re: PP bleeding

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    I had a second wave from 6 weeks to almost 8 weeks. My OB gave me the same advice as yours: call back if it's going on longer than 2-3 weeks for an ultrasound. I don't think it was a period because it was so light. Hopefully yours just stops on it's own soon!
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    So I stopped for almost four days right at 5 weeks post c section. Then it started again really heavily- like soak a pad in 20 minutes heavy. I called the OB and they sent me to the ER. We spent a good $4000 and wasted a whole day in the ER for them to tell me it’s my first PP period. It ended after three days. 

    I hope yours stops soon without any intervention. Stay hydrated!
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    Thanks for sharing yours! @taylorharris0522 uggh I know how annoying that is but better safe than sorry! So update: so I finally slept liner/pad free last two nights though today morning there was a slight brown discharge. But thankfully there isn't any more bleeding, yay! So my pp bleeding lasted a full 8 weeks and hopefully doesn't return.
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    @saizbat I’m glad it stopped without needing any extra medical care! It’s always nice when our bodies behave. 😂
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