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Doula- costs/services

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Hey mommas! This is my second kiddo and we are hoping everything continues smoothly so I can deliver at our birth center. Our first was a medicated hospital birth with induction at 41 & 1. It was a fine experience but I remember thinking I would never do an epidural again. It was definitely not for me. That being said, I am anxious about an unmedicated birth and am thinking about hiring a doula. I’m just wondering if anyone has experience with labor/postpartum doulas and could tell me more about what they do leading up to labor, how often you see them, the costs and overall experience. My husband is very supportive but could probably use guidance to know what to do and when to do it and we would both appreciate help (from a non-family member) after baby arrrives. TIA!

Re: Doula- costs/services

  • I'm using a doula with this pregnancy. $1400 total fee, which includes obviously her presence through labor and birth, 2 office visits and 1 home visit before birth, and 1-2 home visits after birth. I absolutely love her so far.
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  • I haven't used a doula but I've heard lots of great things about them. Just check with the birth center that you can have an extra person present. I labored unmedicated for close to 40 hrs with my first before I was finally able to get an epidural (baby was born about 4hrs later). This time I'm doing a course of hypnobirthing. So far I really like it and those I've talked to who have used hypnosis during labor, really like it. Might be something to look into. There are many different videos and such but I bought a course called hypnobabies that has a plan laid out for what to listen to when. One audio clip during the beginning stages, another during active labor, one for while pushing, plus there birth affirmations and one for fear cleansing. Already I feel much less anxious about birth and even if that's all it accomplishes I think it's so worth it.
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  • I’ve hired postpartum doulas for my 4th. I’m due 9/3. Costs is $32 an hour during the day and $35 a night. Can’t wait for the help! 
    My last birth I did natural. I know everyone has a different experience with each birth. The natural birth was a great experience, easy, and less recovery. 
  • I really wanted to hire a doula but all the ones in my area are 2k + and it’s just a little out of my range atm but I found them by asking my OB for recommendations!
  • Hi! I’m using a doula who costs $900 in NYC. She has an unlimited text thread, two online prenatal sessions, a wealth of free educational resources and will be there at the hospital on birthday (or if I’m still home during active later she will meet me there first). I would try local searches to get a better comparison of costs and recommendations. If in NYC, the company is Ashe Birthing Services
  • Congrats on your second! I'm having my first and I'm in the Tampa Bay area. Doulas here go for $33-40/hour for post partum doula services. Labor and delivery packages I've received quotes on go from about $1500-2000. I'm due 9/25 and will be using a post partum doula only. Wishing you all the best!
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