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Spotting on and off is getting me anxious (Pic warning)

This spotting is driving me crazy! 
I am currently 5w 4d pregnant. I have hx of miscarriage and the off and on spotting is stressing me out. I recently had blood work and an ultrasound, the sac seemed awfully small but the tech said it was normal and I needed more water. I found out about pregnancy 06/26 and have spotted 3 times already 😭. Can any of you mamas tell me if you when through this or if my discharge is anything like any of your experiences and what was the outmoded your pregnancy please? 

Re: Spotting on and off is getting me anxious (Pic warning)

  • I've had brown spotting between weeks 6 to 8 and lightly on occasion now 11 weeks 2 days,baby looks healthy no issues spotted red one time but they think it was due to uti,drink plenty try not to stress too much without cramping that don't stop,and heavier amounts
  • calexscalexs Newbie
    I am spotting in the exact same way! So scary☹️ Both the lady at the Mat unit, 111 and the GP have said it might be implantation bleeding so unless it gets heavier then try not to worry but I can’t help it which is how I’ve ended up on a forum
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  • I always have bleeding at week 7 and at weeks 12- as the placenta implants it’s pretty common for there to be spotting according to my OB.
  • @lilswed thank you for sharing that… I’m 7 weeks and just experienced some spotting, both brown and pink. This helps explain a lot. It can be so stressful! Hoping for healthy pregnancies all around 💛
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