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Could it be??

I had my missed miscarriage on the 25th May, I tested 3wks after and was negative, I was told to wait until I had my first AF which could take 4-6wks after MC to start trying........I am now 6wks later no AF has came yet but am getting slight symptoms shooting pains in boobs the odd cramping just felt really sick when I stood up, my appetite is a hit or a miss really all symptoms of being due on but also the symptoms I had when I discovered I was pregnant, I feel like testing but am I being a little too premature should I wait a little while longer???

Re: Could it be??

  • If you didn't track your HCG down to 0, and you weren't temping to know when you O'd.  Then you have no idea if you are possibly PG or not.  The only thing you can do is take a test, call, and get HCG betas to see if they double or not.  It can take MONTHS for your cycle to return and/or to return to a new normal.
  • weelweel member
    I took a test 3wks after my MC and it was negative that is what I was advised to do by the hospital so I was assuming that would have meant my HCG levels were back at 0? 
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  • @weel It means that the HCG in your system was below the level tested by the PG test.  (PG tests are qualitative.  So if it tests HCG 25 iu/l and above, then you would've had an HCG level below 25 iu/l. A true negative HCG reading is 5 iu/l or less.  So it would depend on the strength of the test you took.)  

    So you should just be waiting on your first AF, correct?  As you were advised to wait to TTC after having your first AF post-MC?  It can take 6-8 weeks easily, or longer, depending on how far along you were and how long it took for your HCG levels to reach 0.
  • weelweel member
    I tested and it was negative I used a test I was given by the hospital, am coming up 7wks after MC I was hoping my cycle would have kicked back in by now (going off what I was advised) getting symptoms of AF arriving cramps tired nausea sore boobs so fingers crossed its on its way and then I can track everything as I did before! 
  • @weel Yeah, waiting for everything to regulate out and get kicked back into cycles can be frustrating!  And every MC is different (even in the same person).  I had one where I bled/spotted for almost 6 weeks and it took several more weeks before I got AF (and my HCG was never very high to begin with).  Then when it did show up, it was like high nausea, sore boobs, and all these PG symptoms, but I knew it was AF as I hadn't DTD since prior to the MC and was bleeding bucketfulls of blood.  *sigh*  It sucked.  So, hopefully yours is on the way and won't be that bad!
  • weelweel member
    Hey, am currently on my AF (I think) I am in extreme pain cramping really bad and having tightening in my lower abdomen, sorry to be crude but it's very runny and it's been like a tap then I felt the need to push and low and behold there was a rather large clot, the bleeding subsided but the pain is intense. Is this normal for your first AF after a MC? 
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