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Where are your little ones napping? For sleeping at night we have a bassinet next to our bed but for naps during the day we have been using a “snuggle me” in the living room to keep an eye on him. I feel like this is not sustainable. The reason I haven’t been using the bassinet in the bedroom during the day is because I constantly have to be going back and forth when he’s crying and fussing… help!

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  • We use a fisher price swing in the living room (sometimes for naps, usually for awake time when I need to clean or do laundry and can’t use the boba wrap) and a chicco bassinet that we move from the bedroom to the office or living room as needed. We rarely need anything else. 

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  • Snuggle mes and swings technically aren’t supposed to be used as sleeping surfaces. So I would suggest a pack n play or something more portable to move to the living room. 
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    I feel you on the going back and forth! And we have stairs. At 10 weeks old we are still attempting and practicing bassinet naps. I try to be pretty aware of his wake windows and then put him in a swaddle (love to dream hands up transitional swaddle) put in a pacifier and rock him a little. I also tend to use breastfeeding to get him to sleep! I’d say twice so far I’ve been able to put him in “drowsy but not asleep” and it’s worked. He is currently napping in our dark closet with a noise maker on. The first nap has started to be consistent and successful but after that it’s kinda a crap shoot of going for a walk, a car ride or sleeping on me.

    Not sure if this is helpful at all but just sharing my experience! I sometimes feel like a failure when the bassinet naps don’t work and it’s a pain going back and forth but I always remind myself it’s all brand new and baby needs practice… so that motivates me to keep trying everyday, even if they only do a twenty min nap once a day in the bassinet- still practice!
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    I have. 5 week old. We have been practicing at least one or two naps in her crib in her room. We have a camera already set up in there. It’s dark, quiet, cool,no distractions. Sound machine is a must in my house with a toddler running around.keep doing what ever works for you! Other naps are being held, in car, or in her swing in our family room but I have noticed these naps are not very “good” as they are usually less than an hour. In her crib- I can get sometimes a 2 hr stretch for a napperoo!!!!  Honestly we moved the baby into her room after 3 weeks and we all have been sleeping better… so i didn’t even use the bassinet much at all. You’ve got this!! Do what your little momma heart tells you is best.  
  • We use a pack n play in the living for during the day. Baby sleeps in it very well. 
  • We use a Cosynation baby lounger which is a less expensive Dock a tot but only during the day when we can watch him. He lays close to us and he loves it. 
  • He switches between the pack n’play or crib. Sometimes the car seat if we’re out. I use a monitor to watch him if I’m in a different part of the house.
  • I have a 4 week old and it seems during the day he naps on either me or dad, Sometimes the snuggle me when I’m right next to him watching tv, we also have the Snoo bassinet that he sleeps in at night and we just started a few days ago doing daytime naps in there as well. I’m not sure if him sleeping on me is a bad thing but he loves it
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