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Pregnancy while in College

Anyone experienced this? I'm due Jan 23 and the semester ends Dec 22. Should I take a break or keep going? 

Re: Pregnancy while in College

  • Hi! I’m a first time mom and am due January 29th. As of right now, I’m planning on finishing my fall semester and either taking the spring off or taking less classes that semester.
  • I’m due January 24th with a fall semester that also ends mid/late December. Im hoping to elect for online courses for most if not all of my classes. If your college has that option it’s a great choice so you don’t feel too far behind coming from a gap semester, but also have time at home with the baby! You can also lighten your course load if you want, i plan on doing that also. 
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  • I'm due January 22nd with my second. I stay at home full time but I'm also a full time online student. With the way SNHU is set up, the courses are 8 weeks long and you immediately start new courses when it's done. My husband and I talked it over and I'm going to stay full time so that I don't have to postpone my graduation date. I'm super nervous about doing it with a newborn because my toddler is a lot already. But with a great support system and good communication with the school, I'm hopeful that I will be able to maintain my 4.0. 
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