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Struggles with Bedrest

Hello all,
I’m in need of some advice and encouragement. I have a history of losses (no successful pregnancies until now). During my first trimester (I’m 12 weeks today) I had to take extra supplements to help the pregnancy progress in a healthy way and my OBGYN placed me on a “house rest”. Minimal activity and primary focus was rest and no working. Due to my ongoing thyroid issues and prior miscarriages, it’s been a difficult journey for my husband and I being at home. He feels all the pressure for having to provide and do all the extra house work but I feel so unsupported. He grew up with a narcissistic father (which he doesn’t realize and/or is in denial about) and unfortunately has picked up characteristics that are not healthy. I know he’s not his father, but in moments of stress he tends to use all those unhealthy narcissistic traits. Of course being on a minor bed rest has brought out the horrible qualities. He complains that I’m not working, then he complains that my job I currently have (whose being understanding of the bedrest) doesn’t pay maternity leave, then he complains that I sleep all day and don’t help out around the house. Then he has the audacity to say I’m ungrateful. Like he has know idea how grateful I am but when’s he’s constantly bringing me down it’s hard to show it. I’ve thought about leaving him because I don’t want this kind of stress to effect our baby but I literally would not be able to support this child. We get insurance through him, he makes more money, and etc. I feel so lost, I know this is not the man I married but I’m so scared this bed rest has brought out the worst in him and I don’t want my child to be exposed to this behavior. He can’t see that this is temporary and idk I’m just at a loss. I feel so confused and just want what’s best for my baby.

Any advice or words of encouragement from women on bed rest would be helpful.
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