PCOS and timed intercourse (loss mentioned)

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Anyone know of someone with PCOS who had a healthy pregnancy with letrozole, trigger shot pregnyl, and timed intercourse? I got pregnant on my 3rd try and then miscarried around 7 weeks. I need some faith that it will work. IVF is financially not a solution for us and I’m hoping timed intercourse will work again. 

Re: PCOS and timed intercourse (loss mentioned)

  • I’m sorry that I don’t have any advice here, just wanted to say that I also have PCOS and I know how frustrating it can be when TTC. My husband and I are also TTC and starting fertility treatments that are so far, not working for us.
    I have just finished a round of Clomid and hoping it helps, but I have heard of great results from Letrozole. Try your best to stay positive and keep trying if that is what feels right for you. But it’s also okay to take a break if you feel you need some time to heal ❤️
    Sending love and light to you ❤️
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