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Product Spotlight: Skincare

What is your skincare routine? Before pregnancy? During? After? Did/do you change your routine?

What do you recommend, love? hate? 

What to avoid in pregnancy? What works best? 

Share it all here.  No need to answer all of the questions, just a jumping off point.

Re: Product Spotlight: Skincare

  • I wish I had more consistency; I can be a bit lazy with routines. I do always make sure I’ve put on spf before leaving the house. I keep a facial spray bottle right next to my keys so that I can’t forget it.

    It’s a little bougie, but I adore the Tatcha dewy cream. I’m hypothyroid so my skin is just always dry. I’ve tried to find cheaper dupes that I like, but so far nothing has compared for me. I also use a hyaluronic acid serum and a peptide eye cream. I like a good sheet mask sometimes to pamper a bit, too.

    As far as I’ve read none of my steps are no-no’s for pregnancy. I’ve heard that a lot acne targeted skincare can be iffy, but luckily I’m not experiencing that delightful symptom too much.
  • Last Christmas I was gifted a few trial sizes of Biossance and ended up really liking their products. My routine includes squalane eye cream, a morning/evening serum, moisturizer, and sunscreen in the morning. All the products I was using regularly before pregnancy are pregnancy-safe so I haven’t had to change anything. I especially like their mineral sunscreen, it goes on clear and feels light. That’s the one product I added to my routine after getting pregnant.

    I recommend this website if you want to check if your skincare brands are pregnancy/nursing safe. She has info on a very extensive list of beauty brands. 
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  • hat is your skincare routine? Before pregnancy? During? After? Did/do you change your routine? Same as before! I wash with Spector gel day and night and use Clinique 10000 hours moisture cream in the morning and a clindamycin prescribed topical cream at night for acne! Works wonders for my skin 

    What do you recommend, love? hate? 
    I’ve been using pur minerals tinted moisturizer for years now too and that’s all I use for makeup! Thankfully my skin hasn’t been that bad this time around it was awful with my son lol 

    What to avoid in pregnancy? What works best? I really recommend seeing a doctor for a prescription cream if you have pregnancy acne. Most OTC are not safe will also likely not be effective!
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