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3 under 1!

I just found out today at my 6 month post-partum exam that I am currently 20 weeks pregnant with twins. And that by November 22, (so probably before then) We will have 3 babies under one. Does anyone have some advice for me?

Re: 3 under 1!

  • Wow. Sorry, that sounds like a nightmare. My advice is to get birth control lol and ask family/friends for help.
  • My sister got pregnant with twins when her older baby was 9 months old. The pregnancy  was expected, but she wasn't expecting twins! I agree that getting help/support is critical. My sister's family moved across the country so that her mother-in-law could help her every day with the kids. For the first year, she needed at least one other person to help her at all times. Now they are older and she is able to wrangle all three at once :smile:  
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