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Foley ballon VBAC?

I'm scheduled for a repeat C section in a few days (I'll be 40 weeks and 4 days at that point). I went into spontaneous labor with my first a few days before her due date so I really thought I would go into labor spontaneously again before my due date and have a shot at a vbac. My doctor is supportive as long as I don't go too far over due date (she's uncomfortable with going over 40 and a half weeks). However now we are getting down to the wire, and still no labor. Just on and off contractions. I would really like a vbac but know she wont want me to cancel this c section. I asked about doing a pitocin-less induction with a Foley balloon and she was against it saying that it needs potocin along side it. I've had multiple friends be induced with the foley balloon and without needing pitocin so I'm confused why she's so against it. Has anyone had any vbac success with a foley balloon? Or a midwives brew?
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