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Pelvic Symphysis Dysfunction

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Hi Ladies, i am currently 23 weeks and have Pelvic Symphysis Dysfunction. I was in such pain last week and couldn’t walk without crying. Long story short, i am seeing a PT who specializes in women’s health. She is giving me exercises to do to strengthen my pelvic floor. She also recommend a maternity support belt which i got immediately. Wearing it helps a ton but i def still feel pain at times. I am hoping bc i “caught” it quickly and got into PT right away, it goes away soon. I’m trying to be super positive because there are some days i definitely feel so frustrated and defeated. I can’t do normal household chores like laundry bc it requires carrying a heavy laundry basket up and down several stairs. I also have a 3 year old so i feel awful i can’t run around like normal with her. Anyway, I’m wondering if anyone else is in this boat. Does it get better with PT? I also put in a phone call to a chiropractor who specializes in pregnancy and this issue. Waiting for her to get back to me after the July 4 holiday. Also so nervous to delivery vaginally bc I’m scared I’ll do more damage. 😔 someone tell me it will be ok!

Re: Pelvic Symphysis Dysfunction

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    I had it when both times that I was pregnant. My last pregnancy it started at 13 weeks, and I started PT as soon as it started getting bad.
    Thankfully I was still able to walk by the end of my Pregnancy.
    With my first there wasn't a pelvic floor PT where I live so I suffered until the end and couldn't even walk across the room without help.
  • I have had it in my last 2 pregnancies and in my experience it doesn’t go away until after baby is here. It’s tough but it’s short term. 
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  • kh7487kh7487 member
    Yes I’m trying to tell myself that there is an end in sight. Did you both delivery vaginally without issues? 
  • Yes. Both vaginally no issues. SPD again with baby #3 and I’m expecting no issues. 
  • kh7487kh7487 member
    That is so great to hear. I’m feeling really good today. Does it tend to come and go? I’m seeing my PT today and OB tomorrow but just wanted to hear from people who have experienced it first hand. I wonder if the PT exercises + maternity band are already helping? 
  • I had it from ~23 wks until delivery, and it was awful. I was going to PT for a while and it helped, but then I got benched due to pre term labor, so I couldn't resume until 37 weeks. SPD was gone immediately post partum, but sciatica/tail bone pain stuck around so I'm obviously going back to PT to get everything fixed up post partum. 

    I found an SI belt (the serola belt) to be more helpful than a maternity belly band in regards to all my pelvic girdle pain, but I still wore both! 
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