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40 weeks 2 days

Hello June 29 was my due date and I was told I was only 2 centimeters. Today I lost my mucus plug and have been having cramps here and there. Will I be going into labor soon?

Re: 40 weeks 2 days

  • Did you have your baby? 
    Mine was also due the 29th but came the 30th. 
    Most likely you’ll feel Braxton Hicks first but they will get stronger, longer & closer together. 
    I was told to wait until they are 4 minutes apart & at least a minute long. 
    When I went in I was a 3 cm but an hour later my water broke which brought on the intense contractions (1 min apart & 1.5 minutes long) 
    Had him 2 hours after my water broke. 
    Hopefully you celebrated your LO’s birthday too! 
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