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Miscarried 7 Weeks ago and just got a Dark positive

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Hi everyone, I miscarried 7 weeks ago at 6 weeks. I began to miscarry on May 5th and stopped around May 10th. I never went back to the doctor to check my HCG levels. Since I was so early the doctor advised to go back a week later to get an ultrasound to make sure everything was clearing as it was supposed too and it was. I didn't take a pregnancy test three weeks later because to be honest I didn't even know that was recommended. Since I haven't started my actual cycle I decided to take a test last week being 6 weeks since I miscarried and immediately there was a dark blue positive line. I took another test that same day and it said pregnant. A week later, which is today, I took another one and the positive line appears to have gotten darker. I'm so confused. I know it could be HCG from the miscarriage, but could this be a new pregnancy? I have an appt on the 13th of July and I just feel so eager to find out what's going on.

Re: Miscarried 7 Weeks ago and just got a Dark positive

  • @ade0610 If you didn't track HCG down to 0 with beta HCG tests, or waiting until you had a negative test, there is no way to know at this point if the HCG you're getting BFPs for are from the previous MC PG or from a new PG.

    The only thing you can do is call your doctor, get beta HCG draws, and wait it out.  If your numbers double every 48 hours, that most likely indicates a new PG that is progressing normally.  If your numbers go down or only slowly rise, then it most likely indicates HCG that was leftover from your previous MC and not a new PG.
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