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Weekly Randoms 6/29

What's random in your life?

I am trying to plan a trip to Denver.  Any recs?

Re: Weekly Randoms 6/29

  • Our neighbor to the right of us is in the military, I assume reserves. He's lived next to us for like 2 years and we've only ever really seen him for a week a month. He just moved out today. I'm going to miss my quiet neighbor if we get someone like the crazies who were to the left of us when we initially moved in!
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  • Our neighbor had a massive house fire - windows blew out and everything. It’s been crazy as we and others try to help. Luckily, no one was hurt and the house was in the middle of a massive remodel so there weren’t any personal belongings. But, we are constantly having people blocking up our road/driveway to look at the damage. 
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  • I had my 20 week scan today. Baby is measuring 16%, down from 65% at 14 weeks. It doesn’t mean much at this age because it’s only 2 days behind and could just be waiting on a growth spurt, so I have a follow up growth scan with doppler study at 28 weeks. She is symmetrical which means if she is IUGR too, it is due to intrinsic factors. 
    It makes me nervous because my son was also 16% at 20 weeks and fell completely off the growth curve by 34. He was <1% at 37 weeks. He was asymmetrical due to preeclampsia so catching up was as simple as delivering a little early and providing supportive care and nutrition. 

    My daughter was over 8 lbs full term and had no issues, I’m not anticipated to just have genetically small babies 😩 
  • @melissacollins28 I am sorry to hear that!  That sounds very stressful to have right next door. 

    @Gingermom15 I wish they could do follow up scans sooner, but I guess they know that it takes a little while for things to change one way or another. 
  • My kids (7 & 5) were rough housing last night and I repeatedly told them to stop and tried to redirect but they continued. My daughters glasses ended up getting broken. Ugh! They are past the 1 year warranty and insurance didn’t cover them when we got them so we paid in full. Needless to say I’ve been in a sour mood...
  • @ponyoisfun I would get another one in 2-4 weeks if she measured 10% or below, which is an IUGR diagnoses. For now it’s just hoping she stays consistent on a curve and vein and arteries are doing what they should. She did mention if this baby follows in my son’s footsteps she would want to deliver at 35 weeks. Which I do agree with, but makes me nervous! 
  • @chuckle_sandwich I totally relate to the rough housing. It seems impossible to keep them off each other.  We do TV time when it just seems like too much,  but that has it's own consequences.   
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